Preferred Retail Buying Program

Minimum Order Required

  • Opening order of $3,500 + 2 free demo unit + up to 3 PUD units at 50% off (Per store/location)

  • Split ship not available on opening orders

  • MOQ of 4 of a single SKU for free/demo unit

  • Available for existing and new retail partners with at least 1 brick and mortar location within the USA or Canada.

Exclusive Brand

  • You must only promote & feature PRECISION PRO GOLF / Bushnell / Garmin branded items within the Golf Shop/Facility.

  • Stocking and selling the following products is restricted under this program: Nikon, Callaway, GolfBuddy, Leupold, Bluetees, Tectectec, Sureshot.

Best In-Class Support

  • We stand behind all of our
    products with a 2-year
    replacement warranty on all laser rangefinders and 1-year warranty on the ACE Smart Speaker.

  • Consumers can also take advantage of our Free Battery Replacement Program

Precision Pro Golf is offering a preferred retail partner buying program to feature and sell our line of rangefinders, smart speaker and smart rangefinders for 2022. Retail locations are allowed to sell Bushnell, Garmin only in addition to Precision Pro Golf. Selling the following brands instore/online eliminates your participation from our Preferred Partner Program (Golfbuddy, Leupold, Tectectec, Nikon, Callaway, Bluetues, MGI/Sureshot).

This program will start on Jan 1, 2022 and run for 1 year with the option to renew for the following year.

Buying Program: Opening order of $3500 + 2 free demo unit + up to 3 PUD units at 50% off
*PUD and DEMO units must be part part of the opening order to qualify (MOQ 4 units per SKU for PUD/DEMO items)
**For partners with multiple locations, a MOQ of $3500 is required per location
Reorder MOQ: $1250 per store location (Mix & Match)

Buying Program Benefits:

  • Terms: Net 75

  • Up to 42% margins

  • Free shipping on all orders/reorders

  • Reorder MOQ: $1250 (Free shipping applies to MOQ reorders)

  • Best pricing on all products (MOQ on reorders: $1250 for free shipping)

  • Mix & Match for best pricing

  • Free returns/exchanges

  • Program starts 1/1/2022 and will run through 12/31/2022