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Precision Pro Golf offers the best service and support in the industry with a replacement warranty on all rangefinders.


  • If the rangefinder is within our warranty period and the product is defective, please give the customer a replacement unit and open a case with our support team to receive a replacement unit or credit memo

    • All rangefinders include a 2 or 3 year replacement warranty

    • Smart Speakers include a 1 year replacement warranty

  • Warranty initiates from customer date of purchase

  • Customer is recommended to register their rangefinder to verify purchase date

  • Open a replacement unit request on our vendor portal to receive a replacement unit and an Return Authorization # to ship back the defective rangefinder to our HQ

  • On average, 50% of all defective returns are 100% operational and some issues we have seen include the following:

    • Battery needs to be replaced or battery installed incorrectly (no power)

    • Front lenses need to be cleaned of debris (accuracy issues)

    • View finder eyepiece needs to be adjusted (clarity/fuzzy issues)

    • Hand/finger blocking laser lenses during operation (short yardage issues)

    • Custom holding power button vs. tapping once (accuracy issues)

    • Mode set to Meters vs. Yards (accuracy issues)

    • Open a warranty request / Return to Vendor (RTV)


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